Skillet Peach Slump With Maple Caramel Sauce

This Peach Slump with Maple Caramel Sauce is my seasons-change-without-my-permission compromise. I refuse to let peach season go, but this Maple Caramel Sauce has me ready to break out my boots and start planning my Halloween costume.

Peach Slump is an easy stove top cobbler that tastes divine with this dreamy Maple Caramel Sauce.

Guys, I am just giddy about this dessert. It’s got a funky name, and it doesn’t look pretty, but dang if it isn’t good.

Contrary to popular belief, slump isn’t just what you do when you realize it’s 8 PM on a Sunday night and you have to go to work in the morning. Slump also happens to be an old fashioned, rustic fruit dessert that’s similar to a cobbler, but is cooked entirely on the stove top. Unlike a cobbler where the biscuity top develops a brown crust, the dough on this slump is steamed in the pan leaving it fluffy and soft. The result is a dessert that feels like a cross between cobbler and bread pudding.

This Peach Slump with Maple Caramel Sauce is the perfect summer meets fall dessert.

Before I go into more details, let me explain how this peach slump came to be. My neighbors gather each week for a casual hang out we call Wednesdays on the Porch. We each take turns hosting, and we spend the long summer nights hanging out on each other’s porches (or decks), and enjoying appetizers and drinks.

One Wednesday, my neighbor mentioned he had a peach tree in his backyard and a five gallon bucket full of what he called “ugly peaches.” Of course, my ears perked up. He offered to let me have some, but apologized for their somewhat beat up condition. It was nearly dark when we made it to his backyard, so I didn’t really catch sight of the peaches as I tumbled them into a plastic bag to take home. The next day, I was pleased as, well, a peach to find these speckled beauties.

They needed a good cleaning and a few bad spots removed, but otherwise they were perfect. And ridiculously juicy. And destined for slump.


I am over the moon for this peach slump. It’s partly because this recipe is truly an example of neighbor food.  It’s also partly because it’s the ideal mash up of summer and fall, a delightful collision of juicy fresh peaches and Autumn-laced maple sauce.

But the real reason I’m ga-ga for this stuff is because of the maple caramel sauce.I purposely reduced the sugar in this peach slump recipe to make room for the sweet maple caramel sauce. While the slump can stand on its own (and could most assuredly be eaten for breakfast), the maple caramel sauce really elevates it to a different level.

Consider this Peach Slump with Maple Caramel Sauce a cross between cobbler and bread pudding. In other words, perfect.

This sauce is ridiculously easy to make, and it’ll make you long for chilly fall mornings and fleece blankets. Maple caramel is the Watson to peach slump’s Sherlock, the Robin to its Batman. And while it’s absolutely what completes this dessert, it also managed to sneak its way into my coffee, my oatmeal, and my pancakes. It’s got a way about it, that’s for sure.

The Mr. and I tried to split a bowl of the stuff, but ended up deciding we each needed our own. Some desserts are just too good to share.

Old Fashioned Peach Slump with Maple Caramel Sauce. The ultimate summer meets fall dessert.

While summer’s still lingering, grab yourself some ugly peaches (I suppose pretty ones will do too), and make yourself a good old fashioned slump. I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall.
Click here to get the recipe!

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