Pear, Honey, and Cheddar Biscuits

These tasty little Pear, Honey, and Cheese Biscuits are an easy appetizer for a party, but don’t be surprised if you eat enough to turn them into a main dish.

Pear, Honey, and Cheese Biscuits are an easy appetizer perfect for fall. The Mr. and I have a funny little habit of turning appetizers into entrees. When we go out to eat, we love to order several appetizers to share instead of getting a main dish. It’s the perfect compromise for someone like me who is paralyzed with indecision at the thought of committing to a single main dish at a restaurant. The appetizer route allows you to try all sorts of things without breaking the bank.

Besides my indecision, there’s another reason we love appetizers. It’s the cheese. Appetizers basically give us an excuse to eat mass quantities of cheese. Cheese breaded and fried, cheese for dunking chips, cheese between tortillas, and cheese covering bread like a garlicky, melty blanket.

Perhaps my favorite appetizers are the ones that combine cheese with something sweet. There’s nothing better than tangy blue cheese with a drizzle of honey or a sharp cheddar paired with a slice of apple. Cheese and fruit is a match made in appetizer heaven.

Serve these Pear, Honey, and Blue Cheese Biscuits before Thanksgiving dinner or at your next tailgate!

It was my love of cheese and fruit that spurred the creation of these three-bite Pear, Honey, and Cheese Biscuits. They combine my favorite things all in one easy appetizer. Buttery carbs? Check. Fresh, seasonal fruit? Check. Drizzle of something sweet? Check. And most importantly, IS THERE CHEESE? DOUBLE CHECK.

I couldn’t decide on just one cheese for these apps (who can ever pick just one cheese??), so I played around with both Boar’s Head Canadian Cheddar and Boar’s Head Danish Blue Cheese. I don’t normally like to be too fussy about my food, but if there’s one ingredient I don’t mess around with, it’s cheese. When you’re working with only a few simple ingredients, the quality of each one matters, and these Boar’s Head varieties passed the test.

Need an easy fall appetizer? Try these Pear, Honey, and Cheddar Biscuits.Boar’s Head takes their cheese as seriously as I do. They’ve been making cheeses for over 100 years, and they’re never willing to compromise quality just to turn a profit. Their cheeses are always free of fillers, by-products, artificial colors, and gluten. What they’re not free of is flavor.

Both the Boar’s Head Canadian Cheddar and the Boar’s Head Danish Blue Cheese packed a major flavor punch in this recipe. I’m sure you’re wondering which one I liked better, and the honest answer is, I couldn’t decide. (See what I mean about the decision making skills??). The Blue Cheese provided a nice creaminess and tang against the sweetness of the honey, but the cheddar got along so nicely with the pear I think I’m going to have to set them up with regular play dates. I recommend experimenting with a few different cheeses until you discover your favorite, or allow your guests to pick and choose from a variety.

There's nothing better than cheese and fruit, especially when it's pears, honey, cheddar, and buttery biscuits!

Luckily, making these is almost as easy as eating them. Start with a biscuit–you can use store bought (trust me, no one will know), or your favorite biscuit recipe. I used this biscuit recipe from Something Swanky. Once the biscuits are done, layer them with the cheeses of your choice and a few slices of pear then finish with a drizzle of honey. I initially ate these at room temperature, but the following day I put the biscuit and cheese under the broiler for a minute before assembling. The recipe was great both ways, but I am a total sucker for melty cheese. For make ahead friendliness, room temp is the way to go, but for in-the-moment gooeyness, try the broiler.
Click here to get the recipe!

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