Love the Locals

Love the Locals: Olde Towne Tavern

It has been way too long since we loved the locals around here! Don't worry, the Mr. and I are still eating our way through Columbus, but lately we've been stuck in a bit of a rut. We have about 10 restaurants that we really love, and since we don't eat out super often we [...]

Love the Locals: L’appat Patisserie and Cafe

Love the Locals: L’appat Patisserie and Cafe thumbnail

If I had to describe L'Appat Patisserie and Cafe in one word it would be "charming". Walking through the giant old oak doors of this tiny bakery and cafe is like being transported into a classic French movie. Brightly colored baked goods beckon from their glass showcase. The air smells of caramelized sugar and herbed [...]

Love the Locals: King Gyros

I figure it's only appropriate to kick off the new Love the Locals feature with one of the very first Columbus originals I grew to love. When the Mr. and I first moved here, we lived in a city called Whitehall. I suppose technically it's a suburb of Columbus, but to this country girl it [...]

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