Waffle Fry Slider Burgers

Waffle Fry Slider Burgers thumbnail

Pssst! I'm closing up my reader feedback survey this weekend, so if you haven't filled it out yet and would like to voice your opinion, click here! What if I told you you can get your burger and your fries all in one bite? Well, I'm here to tell you can, and you're welcome. You'd [...]

Skillet Peach Slump With Maple Caramel Sauce

Skillet Peach Slump With Maple Caramel Sauce thumbnail

This Peach Slump with Maple Caramel Sauce is my seasons-change-without-my-permission compromise. I refuse to let peach season go, but this Maple Caramel Sauce has me ready to break out my boots and start planning my Halloween costume. Guys, I am just giddy about this dessert. It's got a funky name, and it doesn't look pretty, but dang [...]

Minty Tropical Smoothies

Minty Tropical Smoothies thumbnail

Want to feel like you're sitting ocean side with a cool breeze fluttering across your face? Well, I can't exactly fly you all to Bermuda, but these Tropical Mint Smoothies might be the next best thing! I don't know what it's like in your corner of the world, but Ohio just got the memo that [...]

Tomato and Corn Chopped Salad with Cilantro Ranch Dressing

Tomato and Corn Chopped Salad with Cilantro Ranch Dressing thumbnail

 Have you taken my reader feedback survey yet? It only takes five minutes and will be a great help in making this space more helpful for all of you! To take the survey, click here. I'll wait here until you get back! Heeey you're back! Now let's talk about this bright, beautiful Tomato and Corn Chopped [...]

Roasted Tomatoes and Goat Cheese + Thoughts on Ferguson

Roasted Tomatoes and Goat Cheese + Thoughts on Ferguson thumbnail

Today, I'm sharing this simple summer appetizer made with sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and a mound of warm tangy goat cheese. Plus, I share why I believe in the power of neighbor food. Friends, I have to be honest. My heart has been heavy the past few weeks. The weight of the news coming out of Iraq, [...]

5 Ingredient German Pancake with Cinnamon Peaches

5 Ingredient German Pancake with Cinnamon Peaches thumbnail

This German Pancake smothered in cinnamony peaches and buttermilk syrup is summer's gift to the harried hostess. Impressive enough for company, but made in under 30 minutes, this dish will make you look like a kitchen rock star. You wanna talk about an easy, satisfying breakfast that's impressive enough to serve to guests? This German [...]

Buttermilk Syrup

Buttermilk Syrup thumbnail

This Buttermilk Syrup will take your breakfast game to the next level.  For the past few years I've met with a small group of women for breakfast once a week. It's a fantastic excuse to eat pancakes on a Wednesday. What started as a small group of five women and two kids has quickly exploded [...]

Easy Garden Fresh Tomato Basil Soup #SundaySupper

Easy Garden Fresh Tomato Basil Soup #SundaySupper thumbnail

Preserve the taste of summer with this Easy Garden Fresh Tomato Basil Soup. Come January, you'll be thanking yourself! If I had to choose a single comfort food to live on for the rest of my life, I would choose tomato soup and grilled cheese. Some people go for mashed potatoes, melty macaroni and cheese, or [...]

Kahlua Mocha Milkshakes

Kahlua Mocha Milkshakes thumbnail

Calling all chocolate and coffee lovers! These boozy Kahlua Mocha Milkshakes are perfect for special occasions or, ya know, a random Thursday. The Mr. and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary this month, and the occasion has me feeling rather sentimental. I've been tearily leafing through our wedding album and chuckling at the fresh [...]

Cherry Almond Crumble

Cherry Almond Crumble thumbnail

Plump sweet cherries are complimented by a crunchy oatmeal, almond, and cinnamon crumble.  I have a tendency to be a tad overzealous when it comes to in-season produce. The first time I see sweet cherries appear at the grocery store, I go temporarily insane and decide I need eight bags. Now, the Mr. and I [...]

Beef Kafta with Tahini Sauce #SundaySupper

Beef Kafta with Tahini Sauce #SundaySupper thumbnail

The unusual combination of spices found in these Lebanese Beef Kafta pita sandwiches will have the whole family coming back for more.  Poor ground beef. It's the vacuum cleaner of the beef world. Dependable, necessary, but not particularly glamorous. I mean, do you know anyone who goes out of their way to use their vacuum cleaner? [...]

Tabbouleh Salad

Tabbouleh Salad thumbnail

This classic Tabbouleh Salad is so refreshing and a great way to use up garden fresh mint and parsley! The other day I was watching Family Feud while cooking, because apparently that's what you do when you're home at 3 in the afternoon. Or maybe it's not and I just have no idea what normal [...]

Spicy Asian Zucchini (10 Minute Side Dish)

This Spicy Asian Zucchini can be whipped up in 10 minutes and makes a great summer side dish.  I firmly believe there is a direct correlation between the amount of zucchini we have available to us, and how excited I am to use it. At the beginning of the season when the first small zucchinis show [...]

Easy Shakshuka (Gluten Free)

Easy Shakshuka (Gluten Free) thumbnail

Gluten free and vegetarian, this spicy Shakshuka recipe is a satisfying one pot meal for any time of year. This shakshuka has been a long time coming. I've been drooling over other blogger's shakshukas for months. Uh, I just read that last sentence aloud and realized it sounds waaaay creepier written out than it did [...]

Chipotle Shrimp Sandwiches with Jalapeno Peach Salsa and Avocado Mayo

Chipotle Shrimp Sandwiches with Jalapeno Peach Salsa and Avocado Mayo thumbnail

Smoky chipotle shrimp sandwiched between layers of cool avocado mayo and sweet and spicy jalapeno peach salsa make the ultimate summer sandwich.  When I was a kid, shrimp came in two forms: covered in butter and garlic or fried to a crispy crunch and plunged into cocktail sauce. It wasn't until adulthood I discovered shrimp had [...]

S’more Cake Pops (Guest Post for Wallflour Girl)

S’more Cake Pops (Guest Post for Wallflour Girl) thumbnail

These S'more Cake Pops made with marshmallow creme, dipped in chocolate, and rolled in crushed grahams are the ultimate bite sized snack. These days, I hear a lot of people lamenting about how technology is destroying authentic relationships. And I'm one of those people. We're hyper-connected to thousands of people through social media, yet have [...]

One Skillet Tilapia in Burst Tomato Wine Broth

One Skillet Tilapia in Burst Tomato Wine Broth thumbnail

I have a confession to make. Despite the Mr. and I's deep love for seafood (as evidenced by our choice in vacation spots), I rarely make it at home. I know, I know. I don't know what my problem is. The truth is, I've always been a bit intimidated by seafood. It seemed finicky, difficult to [...]

Loaded Mediterranean Sweet Potato Fries with Tzatziki Sauce #ChooseDreams #WeekdaySupper

This healthier take on loaded fries features crispy sweet potato fries piled high with ground turkey, tzatziki, and feta cheese! In my mind, it doesn't get any more comforting (or tempting) than a giant pile of loaded fries. You know those stands you find at summer festivals with big bold letters spelling "LOADED FRIES?" Yeah, [...]

Antipasto Tortellini Salad #SundaySupper

Antipasto Tortellini Salad #SundaySupper thumbnail

This easy Tortellini Salad combines all the robust flavors of a classic antipasto appetizer. A great side dish for summer BBQs! Until this week, I totally thought the word was "antipasta" and that it was an appetizer that wasn't pasta. Makes sense, right? In the real world that exists outside of my foggy brain, the [...]

Peach Crisp Smoothie

Peach Crisp Smoothie thumbnail

This recipe has all the cinnamony sweet goodness of peach crisp in the form of a cool, creamy, good-for-you smoothie! Today I have the privilege of guest posting for the lovely Emily of Jelly Toast. You may remember her from those weekend-worthy Stockyard Pony Cocktails she shared a few weeks back. Emily share a smoothie [...]

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